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media equipment

Media Equipment is dedicated to providing reliable and effective audio, video, and computer display services to the UCSB community. We are the primary point of contact for technical support in campus classrooms and lecture halls.
In addition to classroom support, Media Equipment also provides technical support for the wide variety of special events and conferences hosted at UCSB every year. Please contact us at (805) 893-3549 for more information about our services.
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media contacts

Jim GallagherManager1160 Kerr Hall
Erik GomezClassroom Services Technician1140 Kerr Hall
cell(805) 893-3661
Evan HirataClassroom Services Technician1150 Kerr Hall
Joe BlakemoreSenior Classroom Services Technician1160 Kerr Hall
Alvaro Olivo Classroom Equipment Manager 1160 Kerr HallMC:3200
David Kniep Public Events Manager 1160 Kerr HallMC:3200
Ryan DalyComputer Resource Specialist1160 Kerr Hall
Diane Jones Scheduling Coordinator 1160 Kerr Hall
Nobu Matsuo Classroom Technology Specialist1160 Kerr Hall